Sunday, October 2, 2011

Its raining but not in my heart..

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Good day I wish to all of you..
As right now, it's raining here, in Terengganu..precisely, area Gong Badak
Actually, I once like to play in the rain..
in my good golden 'young and dangerous days'..haha
And when it's raining heavily, I like to imagine myself like 

Okay,okay.. back to reality..
Still raining here..
Kind of cold..
Nothing but a cup of hot tea could warm you up.. ;-)
That's when you are feeling cold. 


how about to warm up a cold heart?

Any suggestion anyone? :-)


Ayuni said...

being romantic.....

whitecappuccino said...

it's been raining since afternoon here..almost every day..but I like it warm a cold heart? being nice and yes..agree with miss A :)

syAfA said...

makan coklat!