Friday, March 25, 2011

It's raining... Hujan..

It's raining cats and dogs outside...
Brrr... Cold! :-)
This raining season reminds me of an old Malay song.. 
He is among my favourite singer..
The lyric is like this: 

Hujan yang turun bagaikan mutiara..
Berkilau bersinar berkerdipan..
Subur menghijau, bumi terbentang 
Dan bayu berpuput lembut..

Cinta yang bersemi di waktu hujan turun.
Menyirami ketandusan hati..
Dan hujan turun, mengiringi engkau..
Selembut hujan bercurahan 
Begitulah cinta ini
Semesra bumi yang disirami 
Begitulah hati ini..

Hujan yang turun bersama air mata,,
Bersama pedih bersama rindu
Kau datang dan kau pergi jua
Rindu lagi.. 

Selembut hujan bercurahan 
Begitulah cinta ini
Semesra bumi yang disirami 
Begitulah hati ini..
Hujan yang turun bersama air mata,,
Bersama pedih bersama rindu
Kau datang dan kau pergi jua
Rindu lagi..
Rindu lagi..

Anyone know this song? ;-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Embarrasing moment..

I hope all of you in a pink of  health. :-) 
Just sharing my experience. 
This morning, I was caught red-handed sleeping in the lecture. I can accept the fact that I have fatigue problems and I always try my best not to sleep in the lecture. But this morning, I couldn't. Last night, I slept early, at 10pm. I woke up early and had the lecture at 8:30 a.m. I'm sitting at the back. In the lecture, around 9:15 a.m, I started to feel dizzy and a little headache. Soon after that, I felt sleepy. The last thing I remember was a group was presenting at the front, then dark. I slept. 
I woke up, and what I saw was all my classmates were looking at me, laughing! They all looked at me as I made a very funny jokes. I felt very embarrassed...
My roomate who sit next to me mentioned that someone take your picture while you are sleeping. I can guess who.
A sentence came out my mouth spontaneously, 'He always take my my picture while I'm sleeping.'
For the first time, I felt the most embarrasing feeling after realising, that person had already took a lot of my picture while I'm sleeping..
Quite embarrased because I know when I'm accidentally sleep in the class or anywhere, my look doesn't very nice at all...
Not like this bear..

Psst.. I wonder why he always take my picture when he saw I'm sleeping..

Monday, March 21, 2011

"HandphoneKU Dolu-dolu dan Sekarang".

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all bloggers. :-)
 As I blogwalking through my reading list, I stumble upon this segment. I interested about the topic and gladly to join in. :-)

1. cerita lah fasal handphone korang masa dolu2

My first handphone: nokia 2300
My first handphone. A second hand. It was my father's handphone actually. :-) He gave me this phone after he gets a new handphone.

my second handphone: nokia 6020
Just after the first one had problem, I quickly buy a new one. I trade in and I bought this Nokia 6020. 

2. DAN cerita fasal h/p yang sekarang ni (kenapa korang minat dan guna hp yng korng guna sekarang ni)....

My current handphone is Sony Erickson W200i. Why I like it? It is because it has music player and the sound is quite good.It suits my interest on listening to musics. The shape and size is much comfortable for me. Its colour black and orange also fascinates me. The prize at the time I bought it is also affordable. The most concrete reason why I like my current handphone is it durable because it already falls many times and still working! :-)
For your information, this handphone's age is around one year and a half. :-) Since my sixth semester diploma until now. Hehehehe.
That's all from me. Till then.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Four! :-)

Assalamulaikum and a very good evening to all of you. 
I hope all of you are fit as fiddle. :-)
This recently Saturday, from 7 a.m to 2 p.m, I were involved in Kejohanan Golf Jemputan UniSZA. I was among the organizer's committee, not among the player. If I want to be the player, I would need a quite time to polish up my golf's skills. Hehe.Like last semester, those who are taking co-curriculum must participate in organizing a tournament.
This time, I involved in golf. The tournamnent was held at Kuala Terengganu Golf Resort (KTGR). There were 75 players participated including our university's vice chancellor. So, it was a grand and quite formal tournament with the VIPs. 
I was involved in supervising one of the golf's addition bonus game, NTL referring to Nearest To the Line at hole number 2. If any golfers manage to hit the ball in their first flight to land nearest to a line on the golf course, he will rewarded with prize. There are also others like Longest Drive (LD) and Nearest To the Point (NTP). 
The tournament ended around 2 pm. The winners got their prizes and we, the organizers, got a very warm praises from our facilitator and the resort's manager for our good job handling the tournament. :-) 
Well done guys!
That's all from me. :-)

jeffrey and I

Candidate for Masculine cover magazine.. ;-P

Friday, March 18, 2011

A physiotheraphy session

This morning (Thursday's morning) I went to Hospital Sultanah Zahirah's Physiotheraphy Department for my follow up. I bet you guys wonder why I went there. Actually, I was involved in an accident last year and broke my hand's bone, radius. I was hospitalized and was implanted with small metal plate. So, each month, I need to go there to train back my hand basic movements that mostly require wrist movements. 
There, at the department, I found different people with different illness. A young boy sat on a wheelchair, then he was trained to walk slowly. A boy was walking in a treadmill to strengthen his feet movements. Then,I saw a 'pak cik' was sitting on the chair, at the end of the room, mingling with plasticine in his hand, to strengthen his grip and finger movements. His fingers trembles when he squeeze the plasticine.  
Suddenly, it came into my mind, how lucky I am, to be compared with these peoples. At least I can still moving around, doing things without help from anyone.
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Sila cerita latar belakang anda
I am an ordinary Malay guy. Definitely not a handsome one. Just want to be a useful guy and also want to be a loyal son towards my family.  I come from Johor Bahru. I took my diploma in 2006, Diploma in TESL. I am now furthering my study in the same university, which is UniSZA but with different course.
Profesion anda sekarang
A Bachelor in English student, second year.:-)
Blog favourite anda...kenapa?
My so called life- my inspiration English written blog. Kurasakan something-a quite interesting student point-of-view blog (lately). Santai Bersama Ben Ashaari- sincere blog about life. Simple and wonderful- a blog from a teacher's perspective and Cerita Si Padlie- a unique blogger who always want to remember his childhood experience.
Blog yang anda tak suka masuk...kenapa?
Blog that criticize others and blog that showing off too much. Alhamdulillah, I never encounter one. :-)
Impian anda terhadap blog anda.
It can help me improve my English and give me the experience of knowing other people. :-)

Sir, se dua tiga.. hehe

Good morning everyone! :-) I hope all of you in a good condition. As for this week, our school students are enjoying their holiday. Am I right? This morning I would like to share an experience of mine being a practical teacher. 
During my diploma, we were needed to attend teaching practical for three month to any selected primary school. So, three of my friends and I were selected to this school which was situated in Gong Badak's area. The reception from the teachers is good. And the students, they love the practical teachers. ;-) Then we were given two classes for teaching English subject.
I was adviced by a friend of mine not to smile in the first class with the pupils. I actually didn't know why.And my problem is, I can't make a serious face. Then I mess up my first class with having smiles and nice face. Then, my second class, was among the naughtiest pupils in that school, I worked on my smile and I did it by not smiling at all.Pheww! 
At then end of my practical,then I know why. The first class, even though they are clever pupils, they were not giving any respect to me while for the second class, the pupils respect me and listen to me very well.
As the conclusion, now I know that in our life, people's first impression towards you is also a very important aspect. :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

An EEP Language Camp..

Hi to all bloggers. I hope all of you in a pink of health. :-) I'm back at the hostel and quite tired today. I have just finished an EEP Language Camp. (EEP stands for English Enhancement Program). This language camp was held at Merang Suria Beach Resort, in Setiu, Terengganu. This program went for 3 days and 2 night. I went there not as participant but as the facilitators. ;-) There were 20 of us and the participants were 68 of them. There are quite a lot of activities were organized in this camp. Some of them are Treasure Hunt, Who Am I, Hot Seat, Origami and many more. :-) For sure, we need to speak English throughout this camp. :-) This program ended very well and the participants enjoyed it very well too! Most of them can speak English, but lack in confidence and practice. What can I conclude is, this camp is fun and interesting! :-)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morphology and Syntax...

I hope my dearest bloggers out there in a good condition. :-) Right now, I'm studying the Morphology and Syntax for this Thursday. I know it is a bit tough, but for me, when it come to English language, I will try my best to learn it. :-) I'm not saying English language is superior,but for me, learning more than one language is fun and interesting! 
By the way, just sharing, Morphology is the study of word formation while Syntax is the study of the way words are put together in a language to form phrases, clauses and sentence.
I will not be around from Thursday to Saturday due to attending an EEP Language Camp in Merang Suria Resort, Terengganu. Insyaallah, I will post an entry about this camp.
Till then.
Assalamualaikum. :-)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Riddle..

A very good evening my fellow bloggers! How are you guys? :-) I hope all of you in a pink of health. 
It's been a while since my last entry. Network problem and electricity disruption cause my blog halted for a while. :-) Okay, as a warm up, I have a riddle to share. 

                          Everything in me is ancient. What am I?

Please share the answers with me. :-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


                                                                 Assalamualaikum WBT.
                                    Hehe. Our Bro Ben is always rich with ideas and new segment.

                                 Sila letakkan gambar betul anda yang paling menawan ..Ehem..
Ceritakan latar belakang anda secara ringkas... Jika terlalu peribadi , jangan cerita eh .. Simple simple jer .. ni masa nak pikat pembaca ..  ;)
I'm a simple guy. Not a handsome one. Just trying to be a better person and trying to be a good son for my parents. Academic status, hmm, I'm still a student at UniSZA, Terengganu, and studying in Bachelor of English, second year. :-)

Jumlah Follower sekarang ini ...


Soalan dari aku :
  1. Jika anda tak punya blog , apakah yang akan anda lakukan di dunia maya ini ?
  2. Ceritakan kepentingan blog kepada anda
  3. Blog feveret yang wajib singgah hari hari .. Kenapa dan mengapa ?

 If I doesn't have a blog in this cyber world, I will surfing for my friend whereabout in Facebook. And maybe chatting with my cousin. I also would surfing for any interesting information. Blogging had becoming important to me because of with blogging, I can improve my English writing and get to know a variety of bloggers and their own styles of writing. The blogs that I always look into and must passing by is Ayuni, Eqbalzack, Whitecappucino and Padlie. This is because, they are among the first expert bloggers that being my followers and by reading their blogs, I can increase my style of writing entries in my blogs. Lastly, I found out that in this blogging world, there are less people criticising others, not like in Facebook. 

That's all from me. 
Thank you 

Favourite Cartoon..

Hi all of fellow bloggers!
Today, I'm feeling a little bit stress in the morning and recovered when afternoon arrived. Alhamdulillah. :-)
Today, I want to share my favourite cartoon programs. Just exclude Transformers. That one is my object of interest. :-) Hm, let's see the chronicles of my favourite cartoons.
  • -Around 7-12 years old: I like to watch Samurai X, Power Rangers and Tom and Jerry.
  • -12 years-14 years old:                                                                                                            Watching Dragon Ball is a must even though I'm staying at hostel.Why? Because of the whole students who stays at the hostel share the same favourite show.;-)
  • -14years-20years old:                                                                                                                 More focusing on Japan's anime. But at home, I watch Ninja Boy and Ultraman Tiga.
  • -20 years old - now: Still enjoy watching cartoons and I'm watching cartoon The Batman.
 Childish isn't it? Hehe. Cartoons give me motivation to always be positive. I don't mind others perception towards me. I like to watch cartoons. Sometimes, my miss A do tease me as childish. Hehe. 
I would like to quote a senior lecturer of mine saying when he saw my Transformers wallpaper,'Hehe. Boys are always boys'.
That's all from me. 
Have a good day!

My first favourite cartoon.. Samurai X!



                                      I was tagged by Ayuni in this contest. Thank you! :-)
Quite beautiful and unique banner.  Why? This is because there is 3 sponsor for this contest which are  Eqbalzack,mummy-who-cooks and art lover,wani. :-) 

This contest is quite unique because of its name, which is Giveaway 3 sponsor,started in 3rd of March,(3/3/2001), sponsored by 3 bloggers, where all of them in 3 different lifestyle and identity,and lived in 3 different places but united by a single interest, blogging.:-) That's a lot of three.

If you guys want to join in, please click, here or the banner. ;-)
Just give it a try. :-)
Owh, I tag.. Whitecappucino.. :-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Assignments, assignments...

I hope all my fellow bloggers out there are in good condition. :-)  Well, I'm in middle of assignments, lot of them. I'm so sorry if there any no entry or comments from me. Insyaallah, I'll be around after finishing the assignments. Till then, have a good day! :-)

                                                Courtesy from Google Image. :-)