Friday, March 18, 2011

A physiotheraphy session

This morning (Thursday's morning) I went to Hospital Sultanah Zahirah's Physiotheraphy Department for my follow up. I bet you guys wonder why I went there. Actually, I was involved in an accident last year and broke my hand's bone, radius. I was hospitalized and was implanted with small metal plate. So, each month, I need to go there to train back my hand basic movements that mostly require wrist movements. 
There, at the department, I found different people with different illness. A young boy sat on a wheelchair, then he was trained to walk slowly. A boy was walking in a treadmill to strengthen his feet movements. Then,I saw a 'pak cik' was sitting on the chair, at the end of the room, mingling with plasticine in his hand, to strengthen his grip and finger movements. His fingers trembles when he squeeze the plasticine.  
Suddenly, it came into my mind, how lucky I am, to be compared with these peoples. At least I can still moving around, doing things without help from anyone.
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah..


sissyira said...


ngerinya kalau pergi hospital, lebih-lebih lagi bila tngok ada yang bungkus tangan kaki dan macam2 lagi..huhu

Ayuni said...

u are one tough guy....

Rozuan Ismail said...

we need to always grateful for what we have now..

whitecappuccino said...

It is so painful to watch others who suffer..

Shafiq said...

Sissyira: Haah. Tapi cukup menginsafkan bagi saya. :-)
Ayuni: I'm just an ordinary guy. :-)
Rozuan Ismail: Yes.
Wc: Definitely. We just can pray for them to get better fast.

~pinkylixi0uz~ said...

shafiq, ko accident katner? tgn kiri or kanan..btw, kuatkan semangat yep! ;)