Monday, March 21, 2011

"HandphoneKU Dolu-dolu dan Sekarang".

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all bloggers. :-)
 As I blogwalking through my reading list, I stumble upon this segment. I interested about the topic and gladly to join in. :-)

1. cerita lah fasal handphone korang masa dolu2

My first handphone: nokia 2300
My first handphone. A second hand. It was my father's handphone actually. :-) He gave me this phone after he gets a new handphone.

my second handphone: nokia 6020
Just after the first one had problem, I quickly buy a new one. I trade in and I bought this Nokia 6020. 

2. DAN cerita fasal h/p yang sekarang ni (kenapa korang minat dan guna hp yng korng guna sekarang ni)....

My current handphone is Sony Erickson W200i. Why I like it? It is because it has music player and the sound is quite good.It suits my interest on listening to musics. The shape and size is much comfortable for me. Its colour black and orange also fascinates me. The prize at the time I bought it is also affordable. The most concrete reason why I like my current handphone is it durable because it already falls many times and still working! :-)
For your information, this handphone's age is around one year and a half. :-) Since my sixth semester diploma until now. Hehehehe.
That's all from me. Till then.


Ayuni said...

hikhik, antique....

syAfA said...

wah!..tahan jugak tuh..yg sony best wak dengr lagu...=)

whitecappuccino said...

i am using the same model sony W200i

Shafiq said...


Ina said...

saya punya hp: tak ingat model apa 2. motorola 3. nokia 4. motorola 5. huaweii 6. iphone . yang saya beli sendiri satu je, yg lain husband yg beli... yg iphone tu beli yg tak ori je, tapi, oklah..boleh pakai. cuma takde wifi. tak kisahlah hp ni.. asalkan boleh pakai. masalah nya time emergency jugak la dia habis bateri...he.he.

Rozuan Ismail said...

wow.. i use nokia phone ..But,I pon ada hati nak guna sony..