Thursday, March 3, 2011

Favourite Cartoon..

Hi all of fellow bloggers!
Today, I'm feeling a little bit stress in the morning and recovered when afternoon arrived. Alhamdulillah. :-)
Today, I want to share my favourite cartoon programs. Just exclude Transformers. That one is my object of interest. :-) Hm, let's see the chronicles of my favourite cartoons.
  • -Around 7-12 years old: I like to watch Samurai X, Power Rangers and Tom and Jerry.
  • -12 years-14 years old:                                                                                                            Watching Dragon Ball is a must even though I'm staying at hostel.Why? Because of the whole students who stays at the hostel share the same favourite show.;-)
  • -14years-20years old:                                                                                                                 More focusing on Japan's anime. But at home, I watch Ninja Boy and Ultraman Tiga.
  • -20 years old - now: Still enjoy watching cartoons and I'm watching cartoon The Batman.
 Childish isn't it? Hehe. Cartoons give me motivation to always be positive. I don't mind others perception towards me. I like to watch cartoons. Sometimes, my miss A do tease me as childish. Hehe. 
I would like to quote a senior lecturer of mine saying when he saw my Transformers wallpaper,'Hehe. Boys are always boys'.
That's all from me. 
Have a good day!

My first favourite cartoon.. Samurai X!


Ayuni said...

hikhik, my sis like it too....

padlie said...

No la.. Cartoon is good.. We can learn something in every episodes.

I'm still watching anime now..
Download it everyweek and watch it when I'm free..
Still read mangas and allocate monthly budget for it..

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nelly said...

I like ..layan kat sini ..hehehe

Shafiq said...

ayuni: Interesting.
padlie: We are in the same boat
nelly: Layan..:-)

whitecappuccino said...

I love watching cartoon too..Tom and Jerry, Shaun the Sheep.