Sunday, March 20, 2011

Four! :-)

Assalamulaikum and a very good evening to all of you. 
I hope all of you are fit as fiddle. :-)
This recently Saturday, from 7 a.m to 2 p.m, I were involved in Kejohanan Golf Jemputan UniSZA. I was among the organizer's committee, not among the player. If I want to be the player, I would need a quite time to polish up my golf's skills. Hehe.Like last semester, those who are taking co-curriculum must participate in organizing a tournament.
This time, I involved in golf. The tournamnent was held at Kuala Terengganu Golf Resort (KTGR). There were 75 players participated including our university's vice chancellor. So, it was a grand and quite formal tournament with the VIPs. 
I was involved in supervising one of the golf's addition bonus game, NTL referring to Nearest To the Line at hole number 2. If any golfers manage to hit the ball in their first flight to land nearest to a line on the golf course, he will rewarded with prize. There are also others like Longest Drive (LD) and Nearest To the Point (NTP). 
The tournament ended around 2 pm. The winners got their prizes and we, the organizers, got a very warm praises from our facilitator and the resort's manager for our good job handling the tournament. :-) 
Well done guys!
That's all from me. :-)

jeffrey and I

Candidate for Masculine cover magazine.. ;-P


Rozuan Ismail said...

Wow!! a golf player!! nice sports!!

whitecappuccino said...

well done! unfortunately..I know nothing bout golf..just that may be i'm not into it.

akmall said... golf... is one of the sports that i just do not know how to play...seriously..hahaha... btw...congrats...

Ayuni said...

Really missed this sport....

Shafiq said...

Thank you guys! :-)

Ina said...

wow..congrat shafiq..mesti macam-macam ragam kan diorang ni.. tapi, bagsu experience macam ni, banyak interaction dgn orang, meluaskan pengalaman.