Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Embarrasing moment..

I hope all of you in a pink of  health. :-) 
Just sharing my experience. 
This morning, I was caught red-handed sleeping in the lecture. I can accept the fact that I have fatigue problems and I always try my best not to sleep in the lecture. But this morning, I couldn't. Last night, I slept early, at 10pm. I woke up early and had the lecture at 8:30 a.m. I'm sitting at the back. In the lecture, around 9:15 a.m, I started to feel dizzy and a little headache. Soon after that, I felt sleepy. The last thing I remember was a group was presenting at the front, then dark. I slept. 
I woke up, and what I saw was all my classmates were looking at me, laughing! They all looked at me as I made a very funny jokes. I felt very embarrassed...
My roomate who sit next to me mentioned that someone take your picture while you are sleeping. I can guess who.
A sentence came out my mouth spontaneously, 'He always take my my picture while I'm sleeping.'
For the first time, I felt the most embarrasing feeling after realising, that person had already took a lot of my picture while I'm sleeping..
Quite embarrased because I know when I'm accidentally sleep in the class or anywhere, my look doesn't very nice at all...
Not like this bear..

Psst.. I wonder why he always take my picture when he saw I'm sleeping..


Fyqa said...


hey u nice experience btw


padlie said...

I want to see the picture.. really want to see it hahaha..

Shafiq said...

Thank you fyqa.
Padlie: No, I won't allow you to see it! Hehe :-)

Ayuni said...

because he is kind of not respecting you....

whitecappuccino said...

quite annoying when we fall asleep during lecture..embarrassing too hahaha

syAfA said...


mybe your face more cute when u sleeping in clas.dats why,they took ur pict..haha

lain kali jangn wat lagi ea.haha

Shafiq said...

ayuni: I guess so..
Wc: Definitely embarrasing. :-)
syAfA: Hehehe. I'm not a cute guy. Okay, thank you for the advice.

Rozuan Ismail said...

sorry to hear strong okay..maybe, it's not your lucky day