Friday, June 3, 2011

Lu langsi lu mati..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...
How are you guys? I hope all of you in a pink of health
Just sharing with you guys a Malay movie that I recently watched. (Kind of bit late I guess)
It titled 'KONGSI'
This movie was about rivals between gangsters in Kuala Lumpur that becoming worse when an assassin starting to kill several members from each gangsters group. Who is this assassin? How the police will handle both the gangsters and this assassin? :-) 
It is indeed an interesting Malay action movie.:-)
First time I watch a Malay action movie that didn't afraid to use curse language (of course those words will be blurred by tooot sound) and  wrecking cars, especially police patrol car. :-P
And the new police highway patrol car made it first appearance in this movie.

Whoaa..Nice new ride for the cops! :-)

Overall, I give this movie thumbs up. :-) It combines both action and humor.  :-)
That's all from me.
Till then. 

P/S: I wonder what is the meaning of this sentence, Lu langsi lu mati. I just quote it from the movie.  :-P
Can anyone tell me what it's meaning?


puteri kasih said...

the meaning of "lu langsi lu mati" is "kalau awk kurang ajar awk mati"

Ayuni said...

i watched it at TGV, hikhik....

Rozuan Ismail said...

never watch this movie until now.what is your rating for this movie?

Shafiq said...

Puteri kasih : Thank you! :-)
Ayuni:At cinema eh.. :-)
Rozuan: My rating for this movie is 6 over 10. :-) It is an interesting Malay movie.

eqbalzack said...

bahasa apa tu syafiq?

Shafiq said...

Bro Eq: Bahasa samseng KL kalau tak silap saya..hehe