Saturday, June 18, 2011

CsP nak bagi hadiah!!!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh... 
I hope all of us in a good shape. :-)
Today, I would like to join in a give away. Who is the organizer?
The owner of this banner..

The entry that I like most from his blog entitled
It always being a matter of concern among the scientists around the globe, to find alternative resource of energy. For the time being, we use fossil fuel energy completely. 
As mentioned in this entry, both solar energy and nuclear energy are among the preferable alternatives resources of energy. I myself, prefer on solar energy, yes, we harness sunlight to produce energy. In this entry, it shares with us the advantages and disadvantages of both energy resources. Overall, it gave me a collection of information regarding these energy resources. 

Suggestion or comments to Mr Padlie's blog
Keep up the good work! Your blog is simple and the most important of all, full with knowledge and information that I really interested to know. :-)

I want to tag: 
Rozuan Ismail
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Rozuan Ismail said...

toink.thanks tag.kena terjah blog dia =)

padlie said...

Thanks shafiq.
Good luck!! :)

padlie said...

Salam Shafiq,

Jemput ke sini: Keputusan CsP nak bagi Hadiah!!!