Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sir, se dua tiga.. hehe

Good morning everyone! :-) I hope all of you in a good condition. As for this week, our school students are enjoying their holiday. Am I right? This morning I would like to share an experience of mine being a practical teacher. 
During my diploma, we were needed to attend teaching practical for three month to any selected primary school. So, three of my friends and I were selected to this school which was situated in Gong Badak's area. The reception from the teachers is good. And the students, they love the practical teachers. ;-) Then we were given two classes for teaching English subject.
I was adviced by a friend of mine not to smile in the first class with the pupils. I actually didn't know why.And my problem is, I can't make a serious face. Then I mess up my first class with having smiles and nice face. Then, my second class, was among the naughtiest pupils in that school, I worked on my smile and I did it by not smiling at all.Pheww! 
At then end of my practical,then I know why. The first class, even though they are clever pupils, they were not giving any respect to me while for the second class, the pupils respect me and listen to me very well.
As the conclusion, now I know that in our life, people's first impression towards you is also a very important aspect. :-)


whitecappuccino said...

hehe..gud luck in having fun with them shafiq! yeah..it's the same thing with me, I used to teach upper forms, not much problem with them however, once in a while I have relief classes especially last classes for form 1 and 2, cannot smile at all in the class bcos if you do, they never listen to you as they start making noises that make you wished the time with them would end as soon as possible.

Ayuni said...

hikhik, love to be a teacher...

Ina said...

oo..depa lebih takot kat cikgu yg nampak cam garang je ek...??..he.he..

padlie said...

First impression is very important. Especially in interview. :D

Shafiq said...

wc: Owh! But I enjoyed relief classes because I always do a quiz, boys vs girls. :-)
ayuni: definitely! :-)
ina: haah.
padlie: owh.. Is that so? Thank you for the tips.