Saturday, November 19, 2011


Assalmulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...
When I'm blogwalking as I can, I stumbled upon this blog. The entry is kind of related with me, as I born in 1980's. :-) These are some of  my memory back from school... naughty, nerdy, and so on..

For me and those who had experienced  staying in hostel, 

the term 'fly' is quite common for me... Example: 'Eh, Mat, ko nak fly ek?' 
during  lunchtime and dinner, lining up is a must, blue-coloured food tray is a must and cutting up (potong line) a long queue, is common..

lining up two or more beds side by side is common, preferably those the double decker beds. Then, 3 or 4 person sleep together in a row..

always rearrange the location of the beds and the locker (usually the thin blue steel locker) according to the needs and desire..

when it's late night, always go to the toilets with a friend, especially if the toilets have a spooky reputation..

usually there will be a safe port for smoking, usually, the toilet and the ceiling..

knows very well how to conceal 'illegal stuffs' such as cigarette, handphones etc.

instant noodles or 'megi' is among the famous alternate foods.
for those who have morning session classes and having trouble waking up early,no need to worry. Around 5-6 a.m, the warden will wake you up, usually by using rotan..

according to the rules, the lights will go off around from 11p.m-12a.m until the morning..
study hours or prep is a must.

 when going out for shopping, a batik shirt complete with slack trousers and shoe are required in order to get the permission and signature from the warden..

the female hostel is more crowded than the male hostel..
any extra foods from the dining hall will always highly welcomed, even a tin of biscuits..

spying or skodeng is among the normal activity for the boys..some of them. hehe

usually the toilet and showers will always crowded during peak hour, 6-7 a.m and 6-7 p.m...

During Ramadhan, at the night, there will always a loud noise of firecrackers, believed were smuggled in. When the warden is around, the popping parade will quiet and will resume few minutes after the absence of the warden..

These are what I have gathered from my school hood..hehehe..
How about you guys? :-)


whitecappuccino said...

Hahaha..I had the same experience tray and so on..but what I remembered the most is when one of my dorm-mates rendam megi dalam baldi! hahaha!

Ayuni said...

one of my experiences is playing hockey in the dorm and the captain of the dorm chased us!

nelly said...

ada point2 boleh nelly gunaa untuk karangan . hehe

Shafiq said...

wc: My friends did that too! After that, they share it together. ;-)
Ayuni: I played football in the dorm! Banging here and there! Haha.
Nelly: Boleh-boleh. :-) Tapi periksa dulu tau tatabahasa and struktur ayat-ayat dalam entri ni.