Saturday, December 15, 2012

Awok nie orang mane ye?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Just pop up to my mind after this incident..

I went to my regular local stall that serves dishes for lunch. The foods are nice and quite suit my taste. Just after finish packing up my lunch for takeaway, (tapau), the owner or I just call her as mok cik, asked me:

Mok cik: Eh, awok nie orang mane ye? Johor ke Teganu?

Me: Eh, saye nie orang Johor, mok cik. Bakpenye?

Mok cik: Mok awok hok datang dulu sihat? Lama dop nampok..

Me: Sihat jer.. (Smiling)

On the second thought, I realized that how long I have been going to this stall. Since from my Diploma, then having lunch there during my Diploma convocation with my family and up until now, my Degree years. Then, it come across to my mind, it's been more than 5 years I studied in Terengganu. 
Whoa! Haha. No wonder that mok cik still remembers me!

Fact 1:  I manage to blend in the Terengganu as I catch up its dialect, its culture and its weather. 
Fact 2 : My juniors thought that I come from Terengganu.   
Fact 3:  Kopok lekor, kopok losong, kopok keping, budu and nasik kerabu are familair words to my ears 
              tongue and stomach.                                       

Suffixes thought: Oh my, 3+4 in Terengganu.. :-)


akmall said...

salam, I tot u were from Perak.

whitecappuccino said...

buleh jadi oghang teganu doh, yer dok? eh! tapi gok ....nok jadi oghang pahang lerrrr...hehehe..

Mr.Clive said...

apa khabar?
suggestkan mana mau pergi kalau kat johor!
ingat kan nak jalan jalan laaa...heheh

Rozuan Ismail said...

wah, jadi org tganu loni dok

QA's ~ mamapapa said...

eheheh!!mmg comey doh soalang mokcik tu..gamoknye awok doh paseh sangak doh cakap teghanung :)
jeput follow oak imi neh :)

Faza said...

kene carik gewe orang ganu pasnih :D