Monday, January 24, 2011

Facts about sleep...ZZZZZ

Assalamualaikum to all my friends. When i'm browsing the Internet,searching for journals for my assignments, suddenly I get sleepy, and I come across a website about these facts. Check it out! :-)

Fun facts about sleep 

Can we learn while we sleep?
New research has suggested that information transferred between the hippocampus (the area for short term memory) and the cerebral cortex in performed while in deep sleep.

Why do men feel sleepy after sex?
Men feel sleepy after sex because of the exercise, orgasms are reached when you let go of "all fear and anxiety" -this relaxes the body.

Men release norepinephine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide (NO), and the hormone prolactin. Prolactin makes you tired (even stronger while intercourse than for masturbation prolactin is realeased for times more)

Oxitocin and vasopressin are also associated with sleep and bonding (feeling of closeness with the sexual partner)

Sleeping solves your problems
Sleeping on it realy makes a difference.
Sleep strengthens memory and extracts information from within the day, sleep actually "extracts the meaning of your day", on some experiments people do better a task after going to sleep, the brain categorizes the information of the day.

Naps improve memory
Daytime naps improve memory! It also helps you remember important facts.
Naps also cut risk of heart disease.

Too much sleep not good!
People who sleep more than 9 hours a day are more likely to develop Parkinson.

Sleeping over nine hours per night (for an adult) is just as bad as sleeping 6 or less.

Sleepines can be cured with blue light
Waking up drousy and sleeping may be caused by delayed sleep phase syndrome (your internal clock and the time people have set do not match)

The solution: fast forward your internal clock! By wearing goggles and blocking the exposure of blue light when you wake up and waiting for your minimum core body temperature later in the morning for light exposure your internal clock is set.

When you get enough blue light exposure you feel sleepy at the right time. Expose yourself to enough blue light durring the day, Blue LEDs will do fine.

sleepy is just like drunk!
If you lose two hours of sleep, you can impair your performance equal to a .05 blood-alcohol level

Sleepy teens
Teenagers should sleep 9 hours and young children require 10 hours of sleep.

Sleep or be sick
sleep depravation produces higher levels of corticosterone, a stress hormone and fewer brain cells are produced. Also the nerve cell production (neurogenesis) is severely disturbed and may be what produces the cognitive deficits with people with prolonged sleep depravation.

It seems that the body processes sugar while in deep sleep, if you don't sleep well sugar levels in your body will rise dramatically.

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 I need to sleep now! :-)


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