Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being an understanding and patient person..

Assalamulaikum and a very good morning to all of you..
Just sharing something with you guys. 
This morning, I learned something about life. It is hard to be an understanding guy when you are not alert at certain time. It is also hard to be a patient guy when you are genetically bad-tempered guy. But for me, I like the challenge. :-) Maybe it is because I learned things in my life the hardest way.  Having to know someone that differs from you and have a relationship with her really require those two attitudes. I know, I still have lots more to learn about life. 
Reminder for myself, never shy to admit you mistake when it is really comes from you.
Till then, have a pleasant day! :-)

p/s: miss A, Insyallah, I will try my best to be an understanding and a patient guy for you. I never regret to know you. :-) In fact I'm thankful that I met you. :-)


senyumSOYA said...


Ina said...

hu.hu..aweks ke??..he.he..sabar..sabar..mmg kena banyak bersabar.

eqbalzack said...

kena banyak sabar shafiq..hehe

whitecappuccino said...

ermmm..love test!

Shafiq said...

semyumSOYA: Biasa je. :-)
Ina: Haah. Hehe.
Eqbalzack: Baik Bro eq! :-)
Wc: Is it? Hehehe.

syAfA said...

hehe..semoga2 la.take time untuk berubah.dan yg plg pnting,mcm awak cakp,mengaku salah sendiri,walaupun ianya dtg dari diri kita.

p/s:semoga berbahagia dengan Miss A.=)

Puteri Kasih said...

Sabo sabo..itulah yang terbaik..walaupun adakalanya payah..

anyway saya dah tagged awk untuk segmen ni


Ayuni said...

hikhik, but you are understanding....

padlie said...

both can be trained. we learn from mistakes and experience.