Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sara & Pari: Our 1st GIVEAWAY! "

I was tagged by Padlie in this Giveaway..

I tag :
                     1. Pak Cek Biola: MUSIC IS ART AND ART IS ABOUT LIFE
2. Puteri Kasih: Semanis Mulut
3. Zakirah Mizlan: Ku kira

For these three individuals,
Just click the banner..:-)


Rozuan Ismail said...

tq for tagging me..insyaAllah I will join..

Ina said...

gud luck shafiq

Shafiq said...

Thank you. :-)

kira said...

thanks for the tagging shafiq ! btw , i really hope dapat join if masa terluang . buzy sikit lah .. lalallala nnn thanks sebab rajin bagi comment :)