Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girls, don't torture us!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..
I hope all of us in a pink of health in this Ramadhan. :-)

As referred to the title, I dedicate this statement to all Muslim girls especially Malay girls.
Please don't torture us by wearing tight clothes and small shawls.
As the representative of men and guys, please wear loosen clothes and a bit lower shawl.

Maybe you girls wonder, why?
This is because it related with my working experience at the bazaar.
As we all know, people will rushing to the bazaar to buy something for breaking fast.
But what I can see,majority of the girls especially like to wear like 


and also like this:

I know you girls like to be pretty, but not by wearing like above.
I thought the month of Ramadhan is a month of generating pahala,
but for me, it turn out to be reducing my pahala. :-(
(kering pahala ku)

I try to ignore these views, and I sometimes succed and sometimes not..
Actually, you girls can look pretty without being sexy,tight clothes and small shawls. 
It all depend on yourselves.

I pray that more girls will follow her footsteps. She win over my heart without having being sexy or showing her assets.. :-)


Ayuni said...

hikhik, thanx....

Mrs. Azie said...

yup syafiq..exactly..

actually the beauty of a girl appear when she cover all her assets. ^_^

padlie said...

It is really hard to ignore the view.. You can easily find it anywhere.. So easy to share sins with them.. :(

whitecappuccino said...

agree with you..girls! please help him!

syAfA said...

tengs untuk peringatan ini.=)

diana said...

body depa lawa...
nak buat cemana..rugi la tak tayang..

z a z a said...

adeh. sabo je la org lelaki melayu. cuk2.. semoga mereka diberi hidayah hendaknya :)

HEROICzero said...

#sexy !

agreed , dude .

Syida said...

maybe they do not know what exactly the best cloths for muslim girls. They thought that only wear shawl so means it's fully cover. but it's totally wrong. one more thing, malaysian muslim girls want to be fashionable. Plus they doesnt want to call as 'ustazah' or out of date fashion. If u see Safiyya show on tv9-dihatiku, the host not wear a proper cloths even that show is for muslimah. So that I can see why they wear as u say. So, we must take more action on this.

I wonder why u didn't put the best cloths picture on this post. maybe it will be as our guide :D