Thursday, March 1, 2012

Malulah sir...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

As I blogwalking from blog to blog, I read about a teacher's experience dealing with injured students/pupils.

I also have the same experience during my Diploma years. Back then, I were given task to teach English and Physical Education or locally known as (PJ) in this primary school.This incident occured during the PJ class in the morning. That time I were handling the standard 5 pupils. My personal opinion, the boys are much MORE easier to tackle when it comes to PJ. Especially the second last class. :-) 

At first, I have trouble with the girls, then I managed to overcome them. They were playing badminton, some were playing 'polis sentri' running here and there at the field, but still, all of them were under my watchful spectacles eyes.. hehehe..

Then, came two girl.
Girl A: Se, se. ye jatuh tadi. lutut ye luke..
Girl B: dakpe se, sket je ni..
Me: eh, dokleh nie, kena cuci nie..

We rushed to the 'Bilik Rawatan'.

Outside the 'Bilik Rawatan'.
Teacher in charge: awok settlekanlah budok nie. sye ada keje luor metar..
Me: owh...ok.. meh awok duorang masuk same..

Inside the 'Bilik Rawatan'
The Girl B hesitated to show the wound at her knee..

Me: La, angkatlah sket seluor awak tu, macam mana se nak sapu ubat?
Girl B: dakpe se, sket je ni..

Girl A: se,ye malu ke se...
 Me: (stunned a bit...)

courtesy of mr Google..:-)

Suffixes thought: they grow faster and matured faster... 
(Deepest apology for the mix up Terengganu dialect..)


IntaNBerliaN said...

xpa2.. akak paham je loghat trg tu..hihii

Mr.Clive said...

hahaha takpe.setailo kot campur campur english ngan ganu.


Ayuni said...

a very caring sir....hikhik...

Liselle MonCherie said...

Ouh!Easy to understand hehe.
Girls always playing those games instead of having the real PJ spirit

ilishaheera said...

Dia segan tu. Pelan-pelanlah xD

Shafiq said...

IntanBerlian: Terima kasih akak..:-)
Mr. Clive: Hehehe.. Terima kasih gak bro..;-)
Ayuni: Hehe. Just doing my job..:-)
Liselle Mon Cherie: :-)
ilishaheera: :-)

Areef Ibn Naim said...


alhamdulillah, spjg jd cikgu ni belum berhdpn dgn student injured...

tulah, klu blh klu bdk puan bior cikgu puan yg handle... sbb bdk puan ni wlu bru drjh 5, tp tk sama dgn bdk laki... bdk puan cpt matang...