Monday, July 30, 2012

What an environment...

....Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

How are you guys out there? :-)
My deepest apology for being silent such a long time, especially to Mr Clive.. 
I'm so sorry, bro..

As I've mentioned, I'm doing my internship right now.

Alhamdulillah, I feel comfortable here. :-)
First one, the place, I would say quite conducive.. 
Secondly, the people and the staffs there are friendly and very warm welcoming me..
Thirdly, my tasks here are quite awesome and sometimes I need to join events that organized by TM Johor.. :-)
 Oh, by the way, I were assigned to PR and Business Support Department.

Basically, I were exposed to bits of how Public Relation personnel do. 
Even though majority of staffs here are much much older than me, 
but they easy to mingle around, having a good chit chat during breakfast,
Joking inside the pantry when everyone..
No one will backstabbing you..

Any works you were asked to do, it has something to you can ponder and learn..
Example: if you were asked to xerox a document, don't just go on xerox it bluntly. 
Do try to read it or just understand the formats inside it..
then you can learn something new. :-)

I will try my best and enjoy my internship as I learn new things..

Writing from the desk at TM Johor..:-)

Suffixes thought: I wonder is this how a real life working environment look like...


Ayuni said...

and everyone will take your picture....

whitecappuccino said...

it's good to know that you are happy there.

IntaNBerliaN said...

baguslah jika selesa :-)

Elysa Sofia said...

what a good life you got there..goodluck :)

Pocket said...

that is what they want u to know,
the nice mingling,
the no backstabbing environment,
the joking...
the 'real' thing was far far far...
worst that how it looks :D

bukan nak menakut nakutkan,
tp kenyataan :D

but anyway.. do take it positively,
u'll learn more along the way :D

Yaya Azura aka Naz Azra said...

tersengih akak dgn komen AYuni..haha

apepun alhamdulillah environment keje best..baru semangat nak kerja kan.

Mr.Clive said...

haha..lek bro.lek.
anyway,selamat hari raya and selamat bekerja!ekekek :D