Friday, August 10, 2012

Still relevant to me....

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh....

Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends.. :-)
And a very good day to all my fellow bloggers.

Today is 21st day of Ramadhan and lagu raya always can be heard anywhere..
People started to accelerate the preparation for Hari Raya..
In this kind of atmosphere,
One thing that come across my mind, 
which is the way we wish Hari Raya to far away friends and families..

In this modern age, SMS, MMS, E-MAIL, SKYPE, WEBCAM.,
are the new ways to celebrate and wish to others.
But me, my personal opinion,
Hari Raya cards are still relevant..:-)

To me, these cards have more sentimental value..
plus when we write our own wish inside that card..
and the excitement of handing it to post office to be post..

Hehe, maybe some of you guys will think that I'm old-fashioned..
Everyone have their own ways of wishing Hari Raya. :-)
How about you guys?

Conventional cards  or E-cards?

  Suffixes thought: Reflecting my fasting days...


Zuhaini said...

e- card! murah.. cepat sampai.. :)


Mishter Izwän said...

singgah sini utk pertama kali. kalau rajin singgah blog sy untuk mengeratkan silaturrahim sbg blogger :)

Mr.Clive said...

kad "fizikal" memberi kita elemen klasik ngan tradisional...ehehe...rindu laaa...sbb skrang sms,fb ...@_@

anyway,selamat hari raya bro! :D

Ayuni said...

hikhik, prefer e card with someone special only....