Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

Light, we search it when we are in the darkness.
Light dissolve darkness.
Light is a symbol of purity.
Without light, our life will be covered in darkness.
In Malay, it known as 'Cahaya' and in Arabic, it was known as 'Nur'.

Let me share with you regarding the sentence 'I light you' based on linguistics.
Haa? Linguistics? 
Yes, the scientific study of language. :-)
The word 'light' can represent several meanings. In this condition, it means, brighten up with something and other one, reduce up something. Understand? :-)
Read this: 
1. I LIGHT YOU- I brighten up you. (Saya menerangi awak.)
2. I LIGHT YOU- I reduce your...  (Saya meringankan ... awak)

Confusing isn't it? Hehehe.
I know, I speak nonsense here. Bro Eq, I'm sorry for being nonsense.
This is the second thing that come through my mind.
A little piece of loving-loving. Hehe. 


I will always love you..
Less doubt I have towards your sincerity.
In the moonlight I'll be here for you.
Grasping this happy, embarassing feeling to you
High rise since the first day I met you.
Till now I still have it towards you.

Yes, you stole my heart
On that day go on
Until now and forever, Insyaallah.

That's all. Hmm, I want to tag..


eqbalzack said...

salam syafiq,
terima kasih join GA abg eq..
abg eq dah linkkan kat blog tadi...

Ina said...

oo..contest rupanya..ingatkan dah angau tadi..he.he.. good luck shafiq

leyzajamil said...

gud luck bro!

Puteri Kasih said...

ingatkan dia melalut apa td...la contest rupanya...good luck

whitecappuccino said...

oh! baru sempat baca nih..kalo berkesempatan akak wat ya..

eqbalzack said...

Abg eq akan umumkan keputusan GA 'I LIGHT U' pada Jumaat ini, 20/5/2011 pukul 10 pagi. TQ