Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some classic Writing..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

It's Saturday yesterday, an off day= no lecture day. Due to my so called hardworking attitude, I let myself went to the UniSZA's library, accompanying someone. :-) I guess most of you guys can guess who is that person. Hehe.

While she busying herself with the materials she needed, I scrambled up to the second floor inside the magazine and archive sections. There are rows of tables and on one of the tables there, I found a thick book,which was actually a compilation of several same magazines in one volume. I forgot the title but what interesting to me is the letters there, it is in Jawi.

Whoa, these are definitely some old magazines. As I opened the magazines, page by page, and I read, one thing circled inside my head, how long these classic writing system will remain in this age of technology?
Especially in our younger generation's vocabulary..

How to write Jawi in your Microsoft Word..

Suffixes thought:

 ساي موڠكين بلاجر بهاس ايڠڬريس سچارا مندالام تتاڤي,                 
ساي ماسيه بوليه ممبا چ دان منوليس جاوي.                      
باڬايمان اندا ڤولا?                            


Rozuan Ismail said...

setuju. kebanyakan kita berlumba-lumba belajar bahasa lain,sedangkan warisan kita mcm tulisan jawi hampir ditinggalkan di belakang

whitecappuccino said...

yup! alhamdulillah, I also can read and write jawi..

Ayuni said...

buku maner 1?

Miss Purple said...

alhamdulillah...i also can read and write in jawi...also thanks to the fardhu ain's class in primary school...=D

Nelly The Strange said...

bahasa jawi !! nelly suka bahasa jawi . masuk sekolah menengah , agama pun tulis BM ..
mula-II je Nelly excited tulis jawi , tapi bila semua da tulis BM , terikut ..

Shafiq said...

PCB: Itulah fenomena zaman sekarang..
WC: :-)
Ayuni: Buku yang tebal yang saya ada baca. Buku tu dekat kwsn majalah. :-)
Miss Purple: Me too. Thanks to fardhu ain classes..:-)
Nelly: Baguslah kalau suka Jawi. Kekalkan. :-)