Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Generasi

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

I hope all of you in a good shape. :-)

I want to share with you guys a video, entitled 'My Generasi'  This video is a creation of Jin Lim, 27, and Reuben Kang, 25, the co-directors and co-producers of the JinnyboyTv clip My.

This video clip is quite nostalgic as it brought us down to memory lane about our childhood was spent in primary schools where the gadgets and all electronic stuffs are less those days.

The scenes, size matters, 'ketul-ketampi atas kerusi' and 'batu seremban' are among the most common activity of school children back then. Not to mention, pupils try to show who's better by showing off bags and colour pencils. 

I will never forget the mechanical pencils back then..heee

Lastly, the Facebook back then... :-)

Enjoy the video.. :-)


IntaNBerliaN said...

hihii lawak plak part yg nk tunjuk2 lg bagus tu..hihii

padlie said...

Zaman saya xde beg roda lg... :)

Faza said...

heheh..that was fun to watch :)

Mr.Clive said...

will always stay at heart.forever as a sweet and satisfying memory... :)

Shafiq said...

IntaNBerlian: :-)
Padlie: Maknanya zaman saya baru ada ek..:-)
Faza: Yes, it is. :-)
Mr Clive: Same goes to me.. :-)