Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Triangle and An Eye..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

How are you? Ni hao ma? :-)
Before you guys read this post, a bit of  serious thinking is required. 

I'm back at home now, mid semester holiday. As usual, I like to watch cartoon and among my favourite channel is cartoon network. Then, there was a cartoon, Tom and Jerry. But this time, these two are in movies. So, just imagine a continuous wacky and crazy stunts by these two natural enemy. The movie entitled: Tom and Jerry: Fast and Furry. 

The story is quite amusing to me as I'm a fan of Tom and Jerry. There was a scene when a CEO of broadcasting company in Hollywood questioning his advisor's suggestion. The CEO argued that Tom and Jerry is an animal and they are not qualified to enter the race. 

Then suddenly a flash of light appeared in the office. Immediately the CEO ushered his advisor to wear a cap shaped a pyramid combined with an eye on top of it. His advisor a bit clueless,   questioning his sudden action. The CEO scolded him saying that 'The great president of Hollywood had arrived and he controls everything here!'. 

Then, almost black satanic figure appeared and both of them kneel before it while the CEO chanted 'Oh, great leader of Hollywood.' Next, the figure reshaped immediately into a white old man dressing in Egyptian Kings completed with Egyptian-dressed women at  his side.

Still does not get the message? :-)

I give you guys hints.
1) Search  information about this word: Illuminati
2) Search in youtube: The Arrivals

Suffixes thought: 'They' control almost everything....


Rozuan Ismail said...

dah tgk the arrivals dekat youtube.

Liselle MonCherie said...

Oh yes 1 USD has the logo!
Even our new 5 cent coins have the star of david,Freemason and the illuminati has been spread.Their symbols and logos are almost every where even t-shirts designs from Levi's,OBEY and much more. We are dealing with devils disguise as humans now...

whitecappuccino said...

yup! almost everything whenever possible

Shafiq said...

Yes.. They are almost everywhere..

Nelly The Strange said...

wahh !!!!!!