Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photography Lesson

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

How are you guys? I hope all of us in tip top condition. :-)

Recently, I have this subject Multimedia English. One of the sub topics is photography session. Seriously, I'm no good photographer.  But I'm interested to learn the skills. Most of the photo skills are possible with a DSLR camera.. We were divided into small group and need to do some photo hunting. Luckily, one of my group member has this type of camera. Me? I just borrowed someone's digital camera. :-)

Basically, there are seven types of photography themes that I've been exposed. They are source of lighting, flora fauna, silhoutte, bokeh, campus facility, rule of one third and  natural framing.

Here are some of the pictures taken..

Bokeh-Nikon D3000

Campus facility-SONY DSC-W310
flora and fauna-NIKON COOLPIX L11
natural framing- Nikon D3000 

Silhouette- Nikon D3000

Lastly my personal favourite picture,

Naturral framing-NIKON COOLPIX L11  

That's all from me.
Till then..:-)


Suffixes thought: I 'm really can't afford those DSLR cameras. For me, I'm satisfied with the standard digital camera. :-)


whitecappuccino said...

awesome pics!

Liselle MonCherie said...

Nice pics! :D hehe mostly photoshop does the extra effects rather than using DSLR camera

Ayuni said...


Iena Eliena said...

Blogwalking here...

cik iena follow your blog..
follow my blog juga ye(^_~)

pena rozie said...

Nice pic...

Arham Md Ali said...

Photography is calming isn't it? And fun too.
Aku suka gile tengok gambar yang orang snap, tak kisah la edit atau tak.