Friday, July 15, 2011

How to improve our English...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

How are you guys out there? I hope all of us are being blessed a good health by Allah. :-)
English, as we all know,  is a foreign language that had become an important language in our country. We as the second language users of this language surely will have problems in using, applying and understanding this language. From what I have read and gathered, there are few tips that will help us to comprehend better with this language.

1. Listen
In learning a language, we need to listen on how the words are pronounced,where is the stress on certain words and how the words are arranged in a complete sentence.

Watching the native speakers of this language communicate among themselves is also helpful. Hey, no need to go oversea to watch and listen to them. Just turn on your television and pick any English programs that you like. CSI, Leverage, House or maybe just cartoons like Sesame Street, like I did. To be honest, me myself watched a lot of English cartoon. BUT, no subtitle eh. If there is English subtitles, it is better. :-)

3. Read
Other than watch and listen, you must read. Just pick any English reading materials that you think suits you well. Don't shy to read primary school level English books as a start.I did this and it is quite helpful to increase your basic English construction sentence. :-) Reading also can increase your knowledge and your vocabularies.

4. Speak  
Yeah, speaking in English. :-) We will always encounter a situation when we try to speak English, people will start looking at us as we are aliens from outer space or mocking us. My advice is, just ignore them.Practice make perfect. It's true and in learning a language, it is crucial to practice using it. It is okay to speak broken English as a start. :-)

5. Understand 
Yes, understanding a sentence in English or a word in English is quite tough. Moreover when we encounter new words such as velcrum. That's why I mentioned above, we start from basic. Then slowly upgrade our level. First, we start with several new words that we found. List them and try to guess the meaning. Then only we can refer to the dictionary. Next, try to remember the words and familiarize with them. 

   I'm sorry if these tips are not working to you guys. Just sharing. :-)


whitecappuccino said...

agree!!! no easy way to improve english..

~pinkylixi0uz~ said...

tetibe rase cm dah agak jauh n jrg use this sec0nd language..hee..practice make perfect!

padlie said...

Good points.. Most important is confident.

roq said...

the main ponit is basically just try to speak it even u r using a broken

hey2, singgah2 la sini plak ye :)

YAYA AZURA said...

nice tips..
sekarang dah susah nk apply english..xde geng..vocab grammar semua dah hancur..haha...
bila org pakistan dtg mintak derma kat ofis baru tergagap-gagap speaking..hikhik...