Monday, July 11, 2011

River Monster..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

Spending most of the time at home, as expected, most of my time was spent to watch television.. 
One of the program i watched was titled, River Monster, hosted by Jeremy Wade. He is a biologist if I'm not mistaken and he is also an extreme angler. He travel around the world to search big fishes that their size  monster-like. I mean, huge and weird than normal. Let's swim around few pictures of these monsters.

1. Jeremy Wade holds a nearly 7-feet-long, 111-pound alligator gar with Mark Spitzer and guide Bubba Bedre.

2. Jeremy Wade with a 150-pound arapaima. 

3. Jeremy Wade holds a five-foot bull shark captured in Australia's Brisbane River. 

4. The freshwater sawfish has a long, blade-like snout called a rostrum. Lined with between 14 and 23 toothlike denticles, called rostral teeth, the rostrum is used primarily to catch prey.  

5. Jeremy Wade with a goliath tigerfish, a giant-sized relative of the piranha and one of the hardest freshwater fish in the world to hook and land. 

6. Jeremy Wade with a relatively small Kamba catfish. This fish is capable of growing to 5 feet and 300 pounds, or perhaps bigger. 

7. Jeremy's catch rivals the largest short- tailed river stingrays ever recorded. This fish typically grows to 4.9 feet in diameter and over 450 pounds in weight.

8. Jeremy Wade with a white sturgeon, the largest and most primitive freshwater fish in North America. The biggest white sturgeon on record stretched more than 20 feet in length and weighed almost 1,800 pounds.

For more pictures and information, check it out this website:


whitecappuccino said...

Wow!! besarrrnyerrr!!

Wahida said...

Wow, they are all very unique :D

Ayuni said...

kind of good to eat....hikhik...

padlie said...

adik saya minat rancangan ni..

Kamba catfish... another family of Keli?

Shafiq said...

Wc and wahida: Yup, they are big and unique.
Ayuni: They are too big to be eaten..
Padle: Haah

Syida said...

that piranha is so big and look scary for me. if got that fish, may be I will run away. Anyway shafiq, be careful with all that fish, it will come and bite you...hahaaaa

~~ZusUliYaiNi mAMaT~~ said...

big n weird scary

sissyira said...


besar tp belum tentu sedap dimakan..hehe