Saturday, July 30, 2011

Singing: For interest or fame?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...
How are you guys? I hope all of us in a pink of health.

9 p.m just now, I have watched a singing competition.The final of it. Actually I kind of not interested in watching singing competition especially those were shown on television, but this one, is an exceptional. 

Those participants are way good! Their voices, performances, attire, are way becoming like professional singers! From the start of this show, those peoples who are took part are ambitious to take part not because of the prize, but just fulfilling their interest to sing. I bet each and everyone of these participants were the people who just practising singing karaoke at their homes. Never thought of having the chance of showing their talent, I mean the real singing talent. And they that I'm referring are those who are 45 years old and above. Some of them already have grandchildren. The show that I'm babbling about is this:

I'm sorry to say that this singing competition is waaaay better than 


Hehehe. I bet everyone will get angry to me. Especially those who are fans to above second singing competition. :-)

Guys, don't sing solely for money. Sing as your interest, and sing passionately, then the money will come at you. 

Any comments or critics, I accept them with a wide open mind. :-)

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