Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Allah, I'm very grateful to You..


Today, a friend of mine,a FKI student, Abdul Moin had already passed away. He passed away after being in coma state for almost a day. It all started when I heard the news that he involved in an accident. The accident took place at the same place that I also had an accident.
I still remember a week before the Chinese New Year holiday, I talked to him after my last year experience.
I still remember the words that I said to him. 'Hang bawak moto elok-elok. Cukuplah aku je yang eksiden'.
Then, today, when I heard the news that he is no longer here, I'm numbed..
Ya Allah, bless his soul..

Al-Fatihah to him and to all our Muslim relatives that no longer here..


Ayuni said...

Al Fatihah, I'm so sad....

Rozuan Ismail said...


p/s be strong k.. We're Allah's and to Him we return