Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Autobots or The Decepticons..

Assalamualaikum.. It was stressing day for me. I got this problem with lending books from the library, my matric card was blocked, but then thankfully miss A coming to the rescue, kind enough to borrow books for me. :-) After almost 20+ years of life, I am still wondering, am I good guy or the bad guy? I always want to be like The Autobots, which are the good guys. But sometimes, I feel like becoming the bad guys, The Decepticons. My innerself still struggling for both sides.. I usually met situation that needs me to become The Decepticons, but my instincts always tell me, hey, you should behave like The Autobots, doing good deeds even though you are ill-treated..


Ayuni said...

just be yourself...don't be manipulate by others

Ina said...

Shafiq ..jadi..darth vader..memula baik..pastu jahat ..pastu baik ..??..transformers 3 nak kuar ni..tengok trailer dah??

Shafiq said...

Ayuni: Ok then.
Ina:Haah, nak keluar dah. Tengok dah. Tajuknya Transformers 3: The Dark Moon kalau tak silap saya.

whitecappuccino said...

Always be good ..

man yusoef said...

oh tak sbr nak tengok transfomers 3...antara film yg ditunggu taun ni..hehehe