Monday, February 7, 2011

''Contest 1: Bila saya mati by sissyira'' @ expired date


Assalamualaikum.. Just want to try.
The expiry date is 10.02.2007 or 10th February 2007.
I want to tag Whitecappucino and Eqbalzack..


whitecappuccino said...

hehe.thanks shafiq for tagging me but I've been straining my poor eyes last night trying to make out what's written answer..cant see anything..huhuhu..

Shafiq said...

It's okay then. :-) I myself had to use Sharigan to read it. Hehe. ;-)(Sharingan is a jutsu in anime Naruto )

sissyira said...


thanx joint =)

Shafiq said...

You are welcome. :-) Sissyira, it is 'join' not 'joint'.