Monday, February 21, 2011

Mental Processing..

Today my group had presented  a sketch or role play about language process, or more precisely, mental processing. We came out the idea of doing a role play rather having a normal microsoft powerpoint presentation because we were asked by the lecturer to make our presentation more interesting. Our group manage to practice and prepare for the sketch quite a short period of time but it is tiring. After the presentation, our group had a quite positive responses from the audience, a lot of arguments relating our topic with Aphasia(language disorder).
But then, the conclusion that my lecturer made today regarding our topic is quite simple.I quote his words' Actually, what you friends have presented just now is just a part of Broca's aphasia. That's it.'
Huh! A simple explanation from him... :-)
Definitely words from an expert! :-)


Ayuni said...

Good job!

Shafiq said...

Thank you! :-)

padlie said...

nice one. :)

never heard about broca & wernicke. Will consult Uncle Google later

whitecappuccino said...

hmmm..that was good..though I wasn't there..:)

eqbalzack said...

perghhh...medical terms...pening2!

Shafiq said...

Yes, medical term. Pening woo. Tapi seronok! :-)