Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Public Speaking class..

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all bloggers out there.
Public speaking, yes, we can guess what is it. Speaking in public of course. :-) Anyone can speak, but not everybody can speak in public, right? Even I myself having trouble speaking in front of the class. But, in our course, we had to attend a class which is public speaking class. The only course that doesn't has any final exam. You come into the class and speak at the front. :-) 
Today's lecture is about sharing what we have about public speaking. 
Here's the tips that I found about this public speaking...

1.   Prepare your speech material.
2.   Practice, practice and practice.
3.   Know your audience.
4.   Know your surrounding.
5.   Relax. Take your time and greet your audience.
6.   Arrange your main points. Use discourse markers. 
      For example: Firstly, Next.
7.   Support your main points. You can give definitions, examples or statistics.
8.   Don't apologize for any nervousness.
9.   Concentrate on the messages, not your nervousness.
10. Put some interest in your speech. Maybe jokes or stories.
      Depend on your speech topic.

Just sharing. :-)


Ayuni said...

I like to speak in the public.......

Rozuan Ismail said...

During my secondary school,we need to talk in front of other students for every daily assembly. That program, we called Good to Talk program.. We need to talk in English for about 5 minutes on current issues or any issues that we are interested. I think that's the good idea as it can give the level confidence of the students become more higher and can improve the speaking skills

Melati said...

I loveee public speaking!!! sangat-sangat suka =))

Mengaji yeayyyhuuu =)Kelas mengaji nak ikut tak? =))
Nak travel to China?Oke, u need visa!
Dressing tableHeheee♥ i

Ina said... me shakinggggg...skarang dah ok sikit..dah tua kot..he.he

Shafiq said...

Ayuni: Obviously you have a very high confidence level.
Rozuan Ismail: Quite interesting program. :-) I agree with that.
Ina: Yes, sometimes I do feel stage fright.

Shafiq said...

Melati: You are like my miss A. Hehe. She also likes public speaking and reciting Al-Quran. :-)

sissyira said...


erk..nervous bila kena public speaking,,confident level lari ke hujung dunia.hhaa

padlie said...

Most important thing is practice, not practice alone but in front public. Don't be shy if we make any mistake. It's normal..

Then we need to really understand and know what we are talking about. we must have confident in every word we said.

Finally, try to attract audience. bring them towards us by asking question or make them 'victims' in our example.

i only have 3 points and always feel 'safe'. By using these 10 point, you'll be great speaker :)

Entry terbaru padlie: Keletihan lalu berlanggar..

waalllaa! said...

to be fluently and smooth while speak in public..we need to have a lot of knowledge.. we have to put in our self to love or anything that make we feel confident to talk anything in public..especially during public speaking session..if we have lots of knowledge and with full of practice..u can do it so great! good luck bro!

Ina said...

As Salam..shafiq..saya ada tag awak.

p/s: ini bukanlah paksaan..saya tag nak cukupkan syarat. Kalau awak tak buat pun saya kisah..

terima kasih.

whitecappuccino said...

If we are well prepared, we will be okay, nervousness and stage fright are common but once we get used to it,insyaallah may be you don't want to stop hehe.