Sunday, February 27, 2011

My spooky story..


    How are you guys there? :-) I hope all of you in a good condition. After watching 'Khurafat' just now, I was called to remember my own ghost story experience. It happened during my diploma years...
    That evening, my family and I departed from Terengganu after packing up my stuff for my semester break. We departed from Terengganu quite late, after Asar, among 4:30 to 5:00 pm. At first, the journey quite smooth and in cheerful mood. But it all changed when we reached East West Highway (Lebuhraya Timur Barat) that started from Jeli, Kelantan to Gerik, Perak. This highway is quite isolated and situated deep inside Belum rainforest with scarcely human population. Just imagine, both sides are trees and bushes and hillsides..
    It was almost 12 at midnight.. Our car is the only vehicle there. No express buses, no slow lorries. Nothing. Just our car and the darkness. I was almost asleep at the back with my younger brother.. suddenly after a corner, my father said, 'What was that just now?' All of us blurred. He added more,' I saw a snake just now, quite huge and the snake was standing in the middle of the road, I passed it just next no my window..'
We all keep quite and suddenly felt goosebump. My mother put a cassette of  Al-Quran reciting and the same time she asked us to recite Ayatul Kursi.
   Then, in front of us there was a car, green in colour. The car quite slow and the driver seems sleepy, keeping head down. My father overtake the car and drove on. Then, we saw the same car in front of us. For the second time, my father overtake it. One thing I noticed about the car, the colour and the plate number was same and the driver was in head down position..And it happened again for the third time..
    Fortunately, we saw a lorry and we followed it. After that, Alhamdulillah, there was no more disturbance but the we still felt the goosebump when arrived home.
    My father also told me, that night, he felt the car was very heavy and going very slow even though we were climbing down the road..


Rozuan Ismail said...

OMG!! it's so 'seram".. by the way,that incident of the green car is just like the incident that many people faced it before..there is two places in Malaysia,that the incident happen..First is in the "terowong" before reaching Tol Jelapang at Ipoh perak and another one is at janda Baik Pahang. We call that incident as "Volkswagen kuning" But, the same thing happen to you..We saw the same car a few times

Shafiq said...

Seram=spooky. :-) Never forgot the experience..

Ayuni said...

I know about the volkswagen kining in janda baik, pahang and then pink panther in Perak, a kind of horror!

padlie said...

At Bukit Tujuh Kuala Lipis, there is a guy/girl who can walk as fast as your vehicle... hehe

Entry terbaru padlie: Hantu vs padlie

whitecappuccino said...

Wow!what an experience! Really spooky.Luckily there was no such car passing us while we were heading back from Cameron Highland to Gua Musang at almost midnight, and our car was the only vehicle on that highway at that time.

syAfA said...

seram nie!..
jalan tuh,mmg saya selalu lalu jugak.
dari terengganu-kedah..

mmg seram..thnks for sharing.=)

sissyira said...


tak layan movie hantu,,,rela balik siang hari,,takut terserempak dgn hantu..huhuh

Ina said...

Allah hai..shafiq..very far saya tak pernah experience benda camni..jarang travel lewat camtu.